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Coro Mendocino

Every Coro is a signature blend individually crafted from Mendocino County grapes in accordance with the Coro Mendocino Wine Production Protocol.

This wine has been judged worthy by a series of independent blind tastings and certified by Consortium Mendocino to carry our Coro Mendocino mark and label.


Coro comes from the Latin word“chorus.” The spirit of Coro Mendocino reflects the blending of our Mediterranean varietals coming together in harmony to create a single new category of fine wines.

CORO MENDOCINO is a collaborative effort by Mendocino winemakers to create a class of distinctive wines that showcase the rich heritage, the spectrum of terroir and the unique characteristics of Mediterranean varietals in our diverse county.

This is the first time in U.S. history that winemakers have collaborated to set blending and aging parameters for a wine distinctive to their region.

Claudia Springs WineryThe world’s only panel approved bottling. Each winery creates its individual blend based on the Protocol and each wine is tested by a panel of winemakers in four blind tastings before the wine is accepted as Coro Mendocino. Each winery personalizes the Coro Mendocino label and bottles in a uniform package that carries the Coro trademarked logo.

Each new vintage is released in June at an exclusive Coro Mendocino Release Party.

What makes this wine stand out is that the varietals are named and the methods of winemaking are regulated from the amount of alcohol to the final pH and TA.

  • Coro wines must be made exclusively from Mendocino fruit
  • Zinfandel is the dominant varietal and represents 40-70% of the final blend.
  • Second tier varietals may not exceed Zinfandel as a majority component and are limited to Syrah, Petite Sirah, Carignane, Sangiovese, Grenache, Dolcetto, Charbono, Barbera and Primitivo.
  • A “free play” of up to 10% of any vinifera source may be used for fine tuning if desired.