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Sip Mendocino

Coro Wine Guild

Join the Coro Wine Guild and get exclusive access to library releases of this very limited production ultra-premium Zinfandel blend.

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  • Every November and May, SIP will curate a six bottle minimum offering of rare library vintages of Coro Mendocino, $50/750ml and $120/magnum. Please customize your own selection
  • Orders of a case will be rewarded with access to a handful of very rare magnums of Coro Wines of which only one or two per vintage are still available.
  • Magnums available in limited quantity and from limited producers. 
  • Please email SIP Mendocino for more information about Magnum purchasing.
  • Invitations to events, special tastings, and our quarterly wine pairing events.
  • 100% of all proceeds from this one day sale will benefit Consortium Mendocino.
  • Invitations to events, special tastings, and our quarterly wine pairing events.
Club Choices
May Shipment
6 bottles min
2002 Brutocao Cellars 750ml
2002 Dunnewood Vineyards 750ml
2002 Eaglepoint Ranch 750ml
2002 Fetzer Vineyards 750ml
2002 Golden Vineyards 750ml
2002 Graziano Family Wines 750ml
2002 McDowell Valley Vineyards 750ml
2002 Pacific Star Winery 750ml
2002 Parducci Wine Estate 750ml
2003 Brutocao Cellars 750ml
2003 Dunnewood Vineyards 750ml
2003 Eaglepoint Ranch 750ml
2003 Fetzer Vineyards 750ml
2003 Golden Vineyards 750ml
2003 Graziano Family Wines 750ml
2003 McDowell Valley Vineyards 750ml
2003 McNab Ridge Winery 750ml
2003 Oracle Oaks Winery 750ml
2003 Pacific Star Winery 750ml
2003 Parducci Wine Estate 750ml
2004 Brutocao Cellars 750ml
2004 Dunnewood Vineyards 750ml
2004 Eaglepoint Ranch 750ml
2004 Fetzer Vineyards 750ml
2004 Golden Vineyards 750ml
2004 Graziano Family Wines 750ml
2004 McDowell Valley Vineyards 750ml
2004 McNab Ridge Winery 750ml
2004 Pacific Star Winery 750ml
2004 Parducci Wine Estate 750ml
2002 Brutocao Cellars - Magnum
2002 Eaglepoint Ranch - Magnum
2002 Golden Vineyards - Magnum
2002 McDowell Valley Vineyards - Magnum
2002 Parducci Wine Estate - Magnum
2003 Brutocao Cellars - Magnum
2003 Dunnewood Vineyards - Magnum
2003 Eaglepoint Ranch - Magnum
2003 Fetzer Vineyards - Magnum
2003 Golden Vineyards - Magnum
2003 Graziano Family Wines - Magnum
2003 McDowell Valley Vineyards - Magnum
2003 McNab Ridge Winery - Magnum
2003 Oracle Oaks Winery - Magnum
2003 Parducci Wine Estate - Magnum
2004 Brutocao Cellars - Magnum
2004 Dunnewood Vineyards - Magnum
2004 Eaglepoint Ranch - Magnum
2004 Fetzer Vineyards - Magnum
2004 Golden Vineyards - Magnum
2004 Graziano Family Wines - Magnum
2004 McDowell Valley Vineyards - Magnum
2004 McNab Ridge Winery - Magnum
2004 Pacific Star Winery - Magnum
2004 Parducci Wine Estate - Magnum
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