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 Join the Coro Wine Guild and get exclusive access to library releases
of this very limited production ultra-premium Zinfandel blend.

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  • Every November and May, we will curate a six bottle minimum offering of rare library vintages of Coro Mendocino, $50/750ml and $120/magnum. Please customize your own selection
  • Orders of a case will be rewarded with access to a handful of very rare magnums of Coro Wines of which only one or two per vintage are still available.
  • Magnums available in limited quantity and from limited producers.
  • Please email us for more information about Magnum purchasing.
  • Invitations to events, special tastings, and our quarterly wine pairing events.
  • 100% of all proceeds from this one day sale will benefit Consortium Mendocino.

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It was 13 vintages ago that a group of Mendocino County winemakers joined together and came up with a unique idea to create an ultra-premium wine blend that would showcase the heritage varietal of Mendocino County, Zinfandel. The christened label and blend known as “Coro,” named and inspired from the Latin root for “chorus” is the first wine of its kind to set blending and aging parameters for a wine distinctive to its region in the United States.

Every Coro wine is a signature blend, individually crafted in Mendocino County from 100 percent Mendocino County grapes, in strict accordance with the Consortium Mendocino Bylaws. Each Coro wine must lead with 40-70 percent Zinfandel and may be blended with up to nine named varietals, honoring the “Old Italian” field blends of Mendocino. Production must adhere to strict protocols set by Consortium Mendocino. In addition to the varietal parameters, there are strict rules concerning wine chemistry, and barrel and bottle aging before the release of this extremely limited case production.

As a final test, the Coro wines must pass a review by a panel of winemakers in four blind tastings before the wine is accepted and certified to carry the Coro Mendocino label. Once certified, each Coro wine is bottled in a uniform bottle, label and marked with the Coro seal.  These are the only wines in the USA and, we believe, the world that adhere to such stringent quality rules.

Proceeds of Coro Wine Guild sales will go to Consortium Mendocino 501c6.